Day 1 – Munich

An early start at 12°C and light rain in Cologne. Was so hoping not having to take a jacket with me on the trip, but well, seems there is no way around it…

Boarding the first IC at the central station surprises me, how many Germans have decided to spend their summer holiday cycling within Germany this year. Corona makes us all rethink. Second IC was incomparably empty though. However no internet and no mobile connection. Welcome to Germany 🙂

Not nearly appropriate to complain. I had a comfortable trip and arrived in beautiful sunshine. Accommodation was very clean and surprisingly comfortable. For a last minute booking and a budget place to stay in Munich, the perfect choice.

I was never really interested into Munich. No specific reason behind it, just not interested into going there at all. My short stopover however made me reconsider. I think I’ll be back and give Munich a chance.


Total distance cycled: 29.36km > Tracking

Deutsche Bahn:

  • Cologne-Ehrenfeld – Cologne Central Station
  • Cologne Central Station – Stuttgart Central Station
  • Stuttgart Central Station – Munich Central Station

Accommodation: A&O Hostel Laim

Home to Ibb – Day 2/2

Day 2 was simply enjoyable. Flat 102km with a fresh breeze and some beautiful spots like the Aasee in Münster on the way. So happy I made it and looking forward to a well-deserved bbq dinner 🙂

Home to Ibb – Day 1/2


Finally had the guts to try this out. Cycling from Cologne to my home town Ibbenbüren.

The first 98.52km took me a full day with almost 5.5h of cycling, 1.210m elevation gain in pure sunshine. Can’t say this wasn’t challenging, however definitely worth the effort. 🚴🏼‍♀️

just another great team event …

Well, one thing for sure, the company I’m working for knows how to throw great team events. This was just the beginning of another one. Always happy to be part of it.

Stuttgart Arthouse Kino (19.07.2019)                                                                        © oddity 2019

Back from Serbia

A beautiful sunny weekend and an amazing opening party in our Belgrade office lies behind me.

Serbia, as most other Eastern European countries, has never really been on my bucket list, but by what I’ve seen so far and how I experienced the hospitality of the local people I met, I am ready to reconsider my feelings about not being excited to travel there.

However, this first trip has been a working trip, including workshops, meetings and working from our office’s beautiful roof top terrace.

➡ Belgrade