Egypt: مِصر
Capital: Cairo (القاهرة)‎
Population: approx. 95.000.000
National language: Egyptian Arabic

Time zone: UTC+2 (all year)
Calling Code: +20
Government: Unitary semi-presidential republic

Currency: Egyptian pound (E£) (EGP)
Change at: 1 EUR ≈ 18,67 EGP

Entry requirements:
– visa on arrival (25$ ) ≙ 23EUR (only foreign currency accepted)
– validity of passport min. 6 months
– immigration questionnaire given out by airlines (to be handed in at passport control)

Exit requirements:
– valid visa and entry stamp in passport
– valid flight ticket or voucher
– questionnaire given out at check in counter (to be handed in at passport control)

tip: have passport and voucher ready to hand or it may be difficult to even enter drop off area of the airport, bring time and expect your passport to be checked 6-8 times before checking in with your airline (kind of felt as if they don’t want tourists to leave again 🙂 )

(please note that all information are as of May 2019,
entry information are related to German passports, other nationalities may differ)

Back again 🙂
After an incredible trip in 2006 (travelling diary still to be uploaded – it is 100% analog of course), I’m finally back in 2019.

Egypt is a country I sympathize with a lot ever since my first visit in March 2006. Also, it has been my very first backpacking holiday on my own and I only associate good memories with it.
So I guess, this is where it all started – will always be happy to return.

While 2019 was all just about discovering the underwater world of the red sea, you may like the itinerary I did in 2006:

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