Belfast’s Small Big Ben

Lucky again the weather, although horribly freezing didn’t let us down and our day tour to Northern Ireland’s Capital – my 1st visit by the way – was worth it.

Although I can’t say I saw much of he city, I enjoyed the trip.

Having found out about the mysterious markers, showing the real size of the Titanic, the decision, that the museum needs to take an extra day of time, we concentrated on walking around for most of the day.

I definitly will come back to Belfast and do the general Tourist’s stuff, but this has to be waiting until it gets warmer again…

Nevertheless, these pictures are worth sharing.

City Hall Belfast


TIP: Take the bus and book in advance!

  • aircoach Route 705 x
    • Dublin City Center – Airport – Belfast Express (goes every hour) – E24.- return ticket
  • Expressway Route X1
    • Dublin City Busáras – Airport – Belfast (10/day) – E8.99 one way