Serbia: Србија / Srbija
Capital: Belgrade (Београд / Beograd)
Population: approx. 6.963.000 (excl. Kosovo)
National language: Serbian

Time zone: UTC+2 (Summer)
Calling code: +381
Government: Unitary parliamentary constitutional republic

Currency: Serbian Dinar (дин / din) (RSD)
Change at: 1 EUR ≈ 117.76 RSD

Entry requirements:
– Passport with a minimum validity of 6 months on the day of immigration

Exit requirements:
– valid flight ticket and passport with entry stamp

tip: before exiting the airport, stop by at an info counter for taxis and ask for a voucher. Taxi prices may differ a lot and drivers are very likely to rip tourists off if you have none. At the info counter you can check out a fair price for the destination you need to go to and taxi divers are kind of bound to stick to it. Driving taxi without a voucher is at your own risk.
For the way back to the airport we asked the driver for a fixed price in advance. Drivers may tell you that there’s an extra rate on weekends and nights, which is not. For us the taxi price with the airport voucher was 1.800RSD. For the return lift to the airport they asked for 3.000RSD. However, we didn’t accept and the third driver we asked was happy to do the tour for the recommended price. So, be careful and prepared to negotiate prices.

(please note that all information are as of July 2019,
entry information are related to German passports, other nationalities may differ)

A business trip and an opening party in our Belgrade office. Extended by a few days to get to know the city and the people who live there. Great trip and as expected, pictures speak for themselves.

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