Beautiful hike and a must-do in Dublin.

Howth is famous for its beautiful cliff hike, the sea food and the chance to get amazing pictures.

Most popular is the hike from lighthouse to lighthouse, starting at the Dart station and lighthouse Howth along the cliffs to Baily Lighthouse. The hike is quite easy to master and takes in return round 2h.

For those who feel fit the descent to the beach closely before Baily Lighthouse is recommended. It is steep to go down but the scenery undoubtedly worth the effort.

A bit of endurance is required if you decide to proceed your hike around the whole peninsula. It took us almost 4.5h in total but the scenery was unexpectedly beautiful.

Only the very last bit of the way gets less scenery and feels a bit endless, but should you decide to stay on the path after reaching the lighthouse, my personal advice is to complete your way along the sea, as going back will be the less comfortable option.

INFO: The whole trip can be done by public transport. Starting from Connolly station both Dart and Dublin Bus are available. However the Dart is quicker and you might keep in mind that the bus might not take you all the way to your starting point. Costs are within city tarif and around €2-3.-/way (less with a Leap Card). I personally came by Dart and left by bus at it was the easiest and quickest solution due to Sunday schedules.

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