As an European, it’s not that surprising, that Europe is the continent, of which I’ve seen and on which I have travelled more than on any other continent. However, thinking about it, I realize once again, how many European countries I still owe myself.

I’ve seen most of the South European countries, however, not a single Scandinavian one and only very few in Eastern Europe – until now at least.

I am also lacking some, that are very close to my home town, such as Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, which are literally just around the corner, but still unvisited.

Some people count travelling through a country as a visit, but I define my ‘have seen’ a bit more stringent. Driving through Switzerland and Belgium, although done several times shouldn’t really count.

Highest time to start travelling again!

Update easter 2019 – finally made it to Belgium – see here:
Cycling trip Netherlands/Belgium