DAY 2 – Greater Kruger NP


Greater Kruger NP incl. Game Drives

4:30am – This must be a joke!

Expecting a great new experience of Game Driving through Kruger Park I never really thought about the circumstances and efforts this might include. Looking back, it made sense to get up that early and I am glad they made us do so, though this was definitely unexpected.

So what, we did what we were told, got up horribly early and made our way in two 4×4 cars to the Parks Numbi Gate. I can’t recall our drivers name, but he was great and extraordinary motivated and had an immense knowledge, that much for sure. We spend around 10h inside the park and he gave everything he could to show and teach us the best the park offers. Let the pictures speak for themselves…

Maybe it’s worth mentioning, that after experiencing this and later days I would never ever recommend doing a Safari Game Drive in your private car. Not that this may be risky or undoable, I think it is more about how you plan to enjoy and benefit from your Drive. Our guide was in permanent contact with his colleagues, advising each other when and where ever rare animals had been seen. He spotted animals we would never have seen and acted with a confidence towards the animals no private person would and should act.

Let’s say it that way. Just shortly before we were about to leave the park we came across an elephant which later came so close to our car that he could easily have touched us. In that situation you just wish not to disturb the animal while it’s eating and slowly drive by, taking amazing pictures…

We got amazing pictures – no doubt about that! Nevertheless it’s been our driver who switched off the engine and gave us this exclusive moment of experiencing the animal’s attraction and behaviour towards extern influences and threats like a car, in his natural environment.

It’s impossible to track down where we have been or which paths we drove, but I remember meeting the others again for lunch in the Skukuza Visitor Center area for lunch, a place, where we also saw our first few wild crocodiles.


TIPS: It’s time to share a few!

  • Game Drives
    • There are great mobile apps on Kruger Park with park plans, tracking lists and additional information on the animals and plants you might see
    • Focus on maps and offline apps and search for them in advance – you’ll probably not have internet access while in the park
    • Consider buying a map or a physical overview where you can tick animals when you saw them. It’s an amazing souvenir
    • Start early – animals hide when it’s getting too hot
    • Bring a jumper, but even more important – any kind of sun protection and enough water