It all began with a Safari

The 20-day-best-of-South-Africa Tour

is probably one of the greatest things you can do, if you have a limited time to spend in Southern Africa and want to experience and see as much as you can, including game drives in Krüger Park, the Garden Route and a lot of other amazing activities, places and cultures.

Originally planning to spend a 3 week holiday abroad, I decided to sign up for one of these great tours and blindly trusted the organisation’s guidance to show me the country from its various sides, without having to organize any more trips, accommodations or activities by myself.

From my annual leave I expected to see some of the most popular tourist attractions and to bring back some nice pictures, after escaping the Irish winter an avoiding the classical Christmas and New Year’s Eve Celebrations with family and friends. This was in a way my personal gift to myself.

Although there is more than a long story that followed and modified my holiday plans, it all started with my originally planned Safari, starting in   Jo’burg on Tuesday, Dec 20th 2016 and ending in        Cape Town on Sunday, Jan 8th 2017.