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As an European, it’s not that surprising, that Europe is the continent, of which I’ve seen and on which I have travelled more than on any other continent. However, thinking about it, I realize once again, how many European countries I still owe myself.

I’ve seen most of the South European countries, however, not a single Scandinavian one and only very few in Eastern Europe – until now at least.

I am also lacking some, that are very close to my home town, such as Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, which are literally just around the corner, but still unvisited.

Some people count travelling through a country as a visit, but I define my ‘have seen’ a bit more stringent. Driving through Switzerland and Belgium, although done several times shouldn’t really count.

Highest time to start travelling again!

Update easter 2019 – finally made it to Belgium – see here:
Cycling trip Netherlands/Belgium


What an incredible experience and what a great continent to be.

I guess, I never did anything which was more remarkable and changing my way of thinking about life, than my two months in South Africa in 2016/2017.

Beginning with a holiday plan, my time abroad changed my view on this beautiful country, these amazing people and the view on my own life.

Let me give you a first impression of a country, that is so worth visiting.


Middle East

Sorry! This page is still under construction, but some of the sub pages are live already.

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Long long ago … september-november 2002

Sorry! This page is still under construction and will hopefully go live soon.

Places visited:
– Melbourne
– Outback


Long long ago … september-november 2002

Sorry! This page is still under construction and will hopefully go live soon.

Places visited:
– Melbourne
– Outback


why a blog?

Probably the very first and best question you should ask a new blogger, who does not really have a lot to talk about, but starts a new blog anyway. Blogging is all about sharing and documenting information, experiences, memories and stuff anybody else than the blogger might be interested into knowing too.

so why me?

Well, I consider myself exactly this specific kind of new blogger, who doesn’t really know why he does what he does, but got the feeling it might be a good idea to write things down, whether to share content with others, or documenting things for themselves.

While travelling and living abroad has given me the chance to meet extraordinary people from all over the world and privileged me to be a tiny little part of their life story, also, these people became part of my own life story.

Just recently I asked a world traveller I met, if she writes a bog in which she lets others know about her experiences, shares information, pictures, memories or plans, I was kind of surprised when the answer was no, she didn’t know how to.

I couldn’t believe it, someone who experienced so much and could book wisely tell interesting stories and talk about memories didn’t have the chance to share what she had to say, cause she didn’t know how to do it. Special people like her, interesting people like her, experienced people like her, cool people like her…

Admiring her for her travelling, for her faith in the world and in herself, I asked myself, what I did during my last years and why I feel so boring and uninteresting among world travellers, my latest journeys so tiny, so insignificant.

I realized once again, how unhappy I am with what I lived during my last few years and how much better I feel while on the road, travelling, experiencing the world differently.

I have done a few journeys, nothing extraordinary, but anyway, I have travelled already and I’m not done with it yet, not nearly, I have just started.

I take 2017 as a fresh start. I want to go, where I want to be and I want to get rid of the expectations others have on me, of what they consider right and I don’t feel good with.

Further I want to try to catch up with old memories on my travels, make myself aware of how these changed me and how I dealed with things. Keeping good memories alive and feel good while browsing through them.

Although I plan to write this blog primarily to memorize, I invite anybody out there to become part of it. I am more than happy to share and you’re most certainly welcome to comment, criticize and help me fill and edit information. So please feel free to contact me at anytime! Whether you got questions or feel like you need to talk to somebody. I am happy to hear and learn from you.

Let the journey begin!

[Jan 2017]